Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

A fierce screen, a fantastic back cover, unique ergonomics, a stylus, worthy cameras and an exorbitant price tag – all this is Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. We start the review immediately.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus : Design 

Evaluating the exterior of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ only by pictures on the Internet is the last thing. I did just that and was wrong. I thought, well, Samsung is once again promoting their “Korean design.”

In fact, Note 10+ looks just gorgeous. In front there are no frames, chins and other annoying little things. Before you is only a display and only content.

You expand the device and are surprised even more. The back shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow, at any angle, in any light. I don’t know what the rest of the colors look like, but the aura looks insanely cool. And unique. I bet Chinese companies have already rushed to copy the rainbow cover of the tenth laptop.

However, without strangeness, of course, it could not do. For example, what the hell is the rear camera peephole round, and the case itself is made at right angles. In the same iPhone, the lens rim of the camera accurately repeats the contour of the rounding of the body. Yes, this is a trifle, but the concept of design is one and unbreakable. In the case of the Galaxy, this is not entirely true.

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Go ahead.

The volume and power buttons are on the left here. Suddenly! Left-handed people will say thanks, and right-handed people, of which the majority, can only get used to such an original arrangement of buttons. It took me about three days, so you can live.

And finally, they removed the Bixby button. A completely useless stray, which caused at least bewilderment. Now Bixby has remained only in the form of a curved software module that collects news about the color of the socks of the head of the cabinet of Great Britain. If anything, this disgrace can be completely disabled.

Tiny elements of the One UI interface also spoil the impression. For example, SMS notifications. On such a huge screen, you could make a larger banner. And by the way, add the “Read” button. As a result, each time she has to climb into the notification curtain, and this is meaningless gestures.

With the exterior finish in a positive way. The vibration response is excellent and very pleasant. It feels like a real flagship.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus : S-Pen

The new wand received a built-in battery and is charged inside the case by Qi wireless charging method. You can insert on either side. You can use the stylus to write directly on the screen off, send scribble notes, export to Word, convert to text (it works pretty well, by the way), and so on.

In addition, the wand can remotely control individual nodes of the smartphone: take a picture, switch camera modes, adjust the volume, scroll through presentations and much more. We must pay tribute, everything is implemented very cool and high quality. There are no questions. But I cannot force myself to use all this personally. It’s easier for me to unlock the device, go into notes and type on my virtual keyboard my entire stream of consciousness. And drawing is much more convenient on something more suitable for this. In such a case, it decides the screen size, such as, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 or iPad Pro.

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The display is the best in the world

Samsung’s AMOLED has long ceased to be synonymous with Pentile, zelenka and “vyrviglaz” colors. Now these are simply the best screens in the world. Moreover, on all fronts:

  • contrast ratio – 2,000,000: 1
  • brightness – 1308 nits, according to DisplayMate labs, and 800 nits in the base
  • HDR10 + support
  • Always-on Display – Samsung’s most convenient implementation traditionally
  • protective glass Gorilla Glass 6 (on the back it’s the same)

By the way, the display is slightly bent around the edges, which is why it is inconvenient for a smartphone to use lying or reclining. I hope someday this useless option is still abandoned. In addition to beautiful glare in the sun, there is no use from beveled corners.

But the most important thing is the framework. On the renderings, it may seem that the upper strip is slightly wider than the side ones. Live it turned out that the frame on top is exactly the same thin as the side ones. Only from below the strip is slightly wider – completely uncritical.

The front-facing hole right in the center is a bold move for Samsung. And it would be better if he was not there. However, in reality it does not bother. Yes, during video playback or viewing photos, you notice a hole under the camera, but you don’t attach much importance to this. There are and are.

In the settings, you can set the rich display of colors or as is. I chose the first plus slightly shifted the temperature towards warm shades. Yes, I’m a victim of True Tone technology in the iPhone XS Max. But my eyes are fine and I sleep peacefully (no).

Comparison of the screen of Note 10+ with competitors (iPhone and P30 Pro) in a separate article. There’s also about PWM and other nuances of Samsung.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus : Performance

They have Snapdragon 855+, Exynos 9825 with us. 95% of users will not notice the difference. If you do not play games, then you should immediately score all the differences, a slight throttling or heating is also not critical. The smartphone runs at jet speeds. In addition, the world’s fastest memory is UFS 3.0. Below are just the results of measuring its speeds. Well, other benchmarks are everything you love.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus AnTuTu Benchmark
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus Geekbench 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus memory test

My version is on Exynos 9825 and it throttles slightly – after three runs of the AnTuTu test, the number of virtual “parrots” drops by 5-6 thousand, no more. However, for 45 minutes of active fighting on the ultras in PUBG Mobile I did not catch a single lag. And now a more realistic indicator, we will focus on it.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus : Sound

For external sound, two speakers are responsible. Everything is clear with the bottom – it is on the end, next to the USB-C connector. But the upper one, no less loud, is somewhere on top. There is no mesh or special hole. You hold the finger at the junction of the display and the case and the sound is partially muffled, but continues to come out from somewhere above. All this is implemented is extremely curious.

The sound quality is excellent. At the peak of volume, the Note 10+ lays on the shoulder blades of the iPhone XS Max. Moreover, the sound is more voluminous, more informative and more pleasant than that of the iPhone. It will be interesting to compare the flagship with ASUS ROG Phone 2, because this monster from Taiwan also showed a ten-es-max, where the crayfish hibernate.

If anything, I did not find a speaker. However, there are no questions regarding voice quality and volume. And no, the display does not transmit sound. Rather, at the peak of reproduction, it resonates not weakly, but by itself is not a source of sound. As it was terribly implemented in the Vivo NEX and Galaxy A80.

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Unfortunately, Samsung cut out the audio output. Although a year ago, the Google Pixel was notoriously troll for the lack of a 3.5 mm connector. Now they themselves stepped on the same rake. Before the pile, they also rubbed the corresponding commercials with ridicule over the competitor.

However, even more doubtful is the lack of an adapter from USB-C to 3.5 mm. Let’s say you have your favorite wired headphones that … walk along the forest with you. Connect as you like. Obviously, this is the official position of the manufacturer in this regard.

The wired headset in the kit is not very ergonomic. Firstly, the channels are not marked. Which one is left and what is right – the devil knows him. I tried to swap – uncomfortable in all positions. However, the quality of the headset is quite good. Can be used as a standard. Moreover, there is no particular choice.

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Autonomy and battery life

A fairly capacious 4,300 mAh battery awaits us under the hood. In addition, the developers of One UI are able to optimize. All this gives hope for autonomy at the level of one and a half to two days. Unfortunately, this is completely wrong.

If you use the device tightly (two SIMs, social networks, a little camera, at least an hour of navigation), then the smartphone will live one light day in the off-season and will be asked to charge in the evening. In this case, the screen time does not exceed 3.5-4 hours. And attention, I do not play games from the word at all.

All this because, firstly, a furious processor is installed under the hood. Secondly, the lion’s share of energy is consumed by the screen, let me remind you that all of us are so top-end and cool. This was not sarcasm, but a statement of fact. However, switching the resolution to FHD + does not help. The smartphone still worked no more than one day.

But it supports fast charging. The kit comes with a 25-watt adapter, with which the smartphone charges for:

30 minutes at 63%
1 hour – 93%
1 hour 15 minutes – 100%
You can buy a branded 45W charge for about $ 50 and use the bundled cable – you get the standard USB Power Delivery PPS. In this case, a full charge will be achieved in just 40 minutes. Fantasy!

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In addition to the screen, cameras, and top-end iron, the flagship should have pleasant bonuses. And Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has them.

Desktop mode works simply by wire. The very one with which we connect the smartphone to synchronize with the computer. Only a special application is needed – it is supported by Windows and macOS. When connecting, a separate window opens on the PC display, with which you can interact with the smartphone system and big brother. At the same time, the connection, according to Samsung, is protected – you cannot access files on your phone from a computer.

Samsung DeX for macOS mode
Samsung DeX for macOS (2)

The mode works as a whole not bad, but somewhat limited – the security of the computer and the file system of the phone is above all. In addition, there is a slight delay. I think in the future everything will start and work even faster and more dynamically.

Display scanner

I have not tried OnePlus 7 Pro, so it’s hard for me to compare its sensor with a local, Korean one. However, the Note 10+ scanner works very well: quickly and practically without errors. I have not yet met a better contact area.

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He attributed to the chips, because the kit deserves special attention. Firstly, a charging adapter with a USB-C connector. This is fashionable, modern, but also somewhat limits compatibility with other wiring. On the other hand, for this purpose, there are a couple of separate adapters in the kit:

Micro USB – USB-C

Among other things, tweezers and spare pins for the stylus are stored in a separate box. But even the simplest case in the box from under the Samsung Note 10 Plus is not. But from the factory, a film is glued to the display. It does not reach the curved edges of the display and slightly distorts the picture, so it is better to get rid of it right away. Such a screen should display the picture as it is, for there is hoo how!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has exactly two drawbacks. The first is a double optical zoom. In 2019, you need more – at least at the level of the Huawei P30 Pro with its 5x increase. The second is poor autonomy. The flagship does not work one full day. Four hours of screen glow and hello. There are a couple of roughnesses in the shell in appearance, but they all do not weather.

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